Private Dog Park, Northern Ireland

The Park

The Park at Country Canines

We are thrilled to introduce The Park at Country Canines, a huge field for your dog to enjoy some off-lead exercise!

Enclosed with 8ft fencing, it provides a safe and secure place to let your furry friends experience total freedom.  Only currently available for private hire, you can relax knowing you will not meet any other people or dogs, making it ideal for pets who are nervous, reactive or not well socialised.  We have lots of things for your dog to sniff, jump on, climb over… and of course claim!

  • You MUST clean up after your dog – poo bags and bins are provided.  Failure to do so and you will be kindly asked not to come back – everyone is entitled to a clean space!
  • Sessions are for 45 minutes – this allows a 15 minute buffer time between customers to ensure there are no surprise meetings between dogs!  Please ensure you are ready to leave The Park at a quarter to the hour.
  • Dogs must be healthy and up to date with vaccinations.
  • Puppies must be over 4 months old to enter.
  • A maximum of 4 dogs allowed at any one time.  For additional dogs please contact us.
  • The Park is checked every day and is as secure as we can possibly make it, however nowhere is 100% escape proof and your dog is your own responsibility.
  • Remember to close all gates behind you.
  • Please try to prevent your dog from excessive barking!

Whilst we get on our feet we are currently operating on a cash only basis. Envelopes are provided at the entrance to The Park along with a letterbox, please use this for payment (correct change is therefore needed, otherwise we can add the extra balance to a future booking). Bookings can only be made a maximum of one month in advance.  We reserve the right to close The Park at any stage due to bad weather.

Please note this is a separate booking system to our boarding. You must click on a time slot to proceed.

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2022 Availability

Our online booking system is working correctly and will show any availability, but please note we are fully booked from now until October, with the occasional night currently available in September