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Our Suite Facilities

We take every step to care for our guests and tailor for their individual needs. This thinking is built into our brand new facilities to ensure your canines have a happy stay with us.

Private Rooms

Full height block walls separate each of our suites, meaning guests are not forced to look at their neighbours as with standard kennels. This can be very stressful for dogs, particularly those who are older or more nervous.

Private Grass Runs

Each suite has its own private grass run, which guests have unlimited access to during the day. This means they can relieve themselves when they please and do not have the added stress of trying to hold for long periods of time. There is a roof covering half of the run, meaning guests can enjoy being outside even in our changeable Northern Irish weather!


CCTV is installed in each suite, so even when staff are not with our guests, we can check in on them 24 hours a day to make sure all is safe and sound.

Outside Views

If, for any reason, access to the outside run needs to be restricted, a double-glazed full glass door means they always have a view to the outside world.

Evening Lighting

Our lights are all dimmed to a low level in the evening, which makes for very settled guests, ready for their bedtime pee and biscuit at 10pm.

Spacious Suites

Our suites are extremely spacious, with each sleeping area more than three times larger than that required by licence.

Underfloor Heating

All suites have underfloor heating, covering 60% of the floor. This means there is always a cool area for our warmer guests! Each suite is individually controlled by its own thermostat, so temperature can be set according to each guest’s needs.

Constant Fresh Air Supply

Our bespoke ventilation system provides a constant supply of fresh air, with suites getting up to 10 air changes per hour. This is particularly useful in warm weather.

Flat Screen TVs

A flat screen TV provides background noise and a sense of home.

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Caring for individual needs

If there is a guest that needs specific requirements to make their stay as comfortable as can be, get in touch to discuss what we can do to accommodate your dog as best as we can.

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2022 Availability

Our online booking system is working correctly and will show any availability, but please note we are fully booked from now until October, with the occasional night currently available in September