Dog Suites, Causeway Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can also book over the phone, via Facebook or email. Booking online is very easy, and once you have filled in your details the system will create an account for you, so you only have to fill them in once! However you decide to book, please ensure you receive confirmation from us.

If you do not receive any emails from us after booking please check your junk folder.

Of course! You can bring anything you feel will make your dog more comfortable, such as their own bedding or toys. Sometimes a familiar smell can help to settle them, especially if it’s their first visit. We do have a wide variety of bedding and toys, so don’t worry if you forget.

We can easily upgrade your booking to Premium for one day (or more) giving your dog an extra activity of your choice and a Lickimat or puzzle toy.

There will always be at least 2 barriers between your dog and the outside. We do not walk our guests on the road or in any public area, but within the safety of the farm. They will always be on a lead unless in one of our securely fenced areas, where they can run freely and do what dogs do best! We also have CCTV around the site and within each suite. Dogs will only be allowed to mix with other dogs from the same household.

Don’t worry if your dog is a bit anxious, doesn’t like other dogs, or enjoys chewing furniture… We will still welcome him with open arms! All we ask is that you let us know about any of these issues so that we can do our best to settle him in – for instance we might use a suite that is further from other dogs and therefore quieter, give him a bit of extra TLC, or use bedding which will withstand a few teeth marks! We will not, however, accept any dogs that are aggressive towards people. Should your dog act aggressively towards staff you or your nominated emergency contact will be asked to collect him and no refund will be given.

There is no minimum stay required, we are happy to have guests for one night only. This could be for a one-night break, a wedding, or even a trial night before booking your pooch in for a longer stay!

For daycare, if you only need/want your dog in for half a day instead of a full day package, just let us know.

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2022 Availability

Our online booking system is working correctly and will show any availability, but please note we are fully booked from now until October, with the occasional night currently available in September